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Life In Your Way - Ignite and Rebuild

Indianola, 2005, CD

I can't take this kind of thing seriously anymore. I hear those screams and it just sounds cliched, enculturised and tiresome. I have no idea if they mean it or not. I want to like it. I used to. Now I get this feeling like they have copied this style rather than expressed something deep within. If it was another era, it would be some other shit they would be playing. They play well enough, there is some musicality there, some decent songwriting, some ability, but I just don't feel it like I used to. When the first Shai Hulud record came out it was fresh, explosive even, alongside the nu-metal pantomime. Now it is the new nu-metal. I'm as sad as anyone about it. I used to look forward to hearing these kind of bands; used to stay up late on the internet trying to find other bands like this; used to get a buzz from it. Now? Fuck.

Reviewed by indigo on 26-01-2012

Keywords : screamo

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