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Comin Correct / Where Fear And Weapons Meet - split EP

Temperance, 2000, CD

This is great raw hardcore from 2 east coast bands. They both play stripped down back to basics hardcore like proper old school NYHC. It has a great raw energy to it without too much fuss.

Comin Correct have Rick Healy on vocals who is also the vocalist for 25 Ta Life. If he gave up hardcore and went back to boozing I would just stop all my involvement with any of this... writing about it, listening to it, thinking about it... I would never recover. I love hearing the guy speak. They include a live versoin of the Sham 69 classic "If The Kids Are United" which seems to be a popular band with New York hardcore acts as I heard Sick Of It All cover it a few times. In a way this kind of hardcore is basically punk rock - there isn't a big distinction.

Reviewed by indigo on 25-01-2012

Keywords : new york hardcore old school hardcore

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