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Hoods - The King Is Dead

Eulogy, 2005, CD, Vinyl

The last thing I listened to by this band from Sacramento, California was one of their first EPs - "Alone". Since then it seems that the band got a lot heavier. Now they have a much tougher east-coast sound that is similar to bands like Blood For Blood, 25 Ta Life and Death Threat. Really, it's so heavy for a hardcore band.... the vocals are like this sickened, agonised strain that never lets up. It has such a heavy groove throughout, some tracks just sound like beatdowns throughout, the whole thing, just one long pissed off beatdown - that's how heavy and brutal they sound. Most of the lyrics are about being fucked over by this person or this thing and that always fits well with this sort of music. They also have some faster parts reminiscent of old-school new york hardcore and even one track that sounds like west-coast Orange County hardcore punk. It flows pretty well and is a good coherent record. Probably live it is like a bomb going off.

Reviewed by indigo on 25-01-2012

Keywords : thugcore metalcore hardcore

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