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Comeback Kid - Turn It Around

Facedown, 2003, CD, Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl, Green Vinyl

This is a real good record for fans of modern hardcore or punk. It's hard not to like this band from Winnipeg, Canada. The sentiment expressed through the name of the band, the artwork, and the lyrics affirm what a lot of folks like about this positive type of music. When you are down it can really help you. There has to be a band like this every few years otherwise, well... it sucks otherwise.

They don't try any new style or try to be experimental, just play some great straight-forward youth-crew type hardcore that is quite melodic and catchy even, with singalongs and slogans that you can remember. A lot of punk revival fans might like this also who are looking for something heavier and also most hardcore fans will like it unless they think it is too melodic and not abrasive enough. Most of the songs are fast and furious but with a rich sound where each instrument is clear and works well in the mix. It's no longer the case that these records are under-produced as now most bands can afford good production. My favourite song is Operative Word.

Reviewed by indigo on 24-01-2012

Keywords : 88 hardcore old school hardcore

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