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Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You

Bridge Nine, 2008, CD, Vinyl in various colours

I was expecting some modern hardcore but this San Francisco band pull something that sounds more like early hardcore when it was more akin to fast punk rock. Perhaps influenced more by The Dead Kennedys and other early LA punk rock than more recent metallic sounding hardcore records, Ceremony bring back memories of these early days when no one could really play that well and it was more about the spirit and the  ramshackle cacophony of it all. There are no complex palm-muted metallic riffs, mainly just noisy and angry sounding guitars along with vocals that are more shouted than screamed. Lyrics about how shit it all is. Quite often the melee descends into what might be described as Power Violence type trudgery which actually works well with this kind of punk aesthetic as there were many power violence bands that shared that dirty, stripped down approach rather than the cock-rock circus of modern heavy music. It's not really that good though, none of it has much of a flow to it, some slow sludgathon follows some fast punk rock attack and it never feels like an accomplished, coherent whole. Probably go see it live if you want to check it out where it will be a different thing altogether.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-01-2012

Keywords : hardcore punk rock power violence

This record rated by users : 2.972 ( out of 5 ) from 18 votes.