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Nora - Dreamers and Deadmen

Trustkill, 2003, CD

At one point there were a lot of bands like this, now it doesn't seem that there are so many. I can think of 50 who had this kind of sound around the turn of the millenium, but really Nora did it better than most. It's like kind of real heavy hardcore that sounds chaotic at times but with a good groove to it. Sometimes they add in some other elements like some southern rock or some other type of metal or rock but generally they stick to the heavy metalcore blueprint that bands like Earth Crisis were knocking out before anyone even knew what had hit them.

I never saw them live, but it would have been nice.  They have a couple of other full-length releases on Trustkill plus a split with The Dillinger Escape Plan. I remember at one point thinking that this New Jersey metalcore was awesome. Really it still is, a decade later.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-01-2012

Keywords : metalcore 90s chaotic hardcore new jersey hardcore

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