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Isis - The Mosquito Control EP

Escape Artist, 1998, CDR, CD, Remastered CD, Coloured Vinyl

It's like they made some machine that staggers along gobbling up anything, smashing it and eating it and then regurgitating it, like some insane beast. Maybe that is the post-industrial society or the modern age that they have encapsulated into their sonic landscapes of apocalyptic metal. There is not so much concern with songs here rather the overall sound or feel of the thing, which includes the imagery and naming of the records and songs. Vocals are thrown on top the almost-industrial, crushing, repetitve rhythms and riffs which build the staggering beast that wanders amok to then fall down again only to be built back up again. It's a good listening companion to The Red Sea which was released around the same time.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-01-2012

Keywords : instrumental post-metal experimental metal noisecore sludge metal

This record rated by users : 3.551 ( out of 5 ) from 29 votes.