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No Turning Back - Holding On

Reflections, 2006, Vinyl

There is no messing about here from this Dutch band - it's a proper hardcore record. Infact, Bridge Nine release a lot of records that are just straight-forward hardcore records.

They have a fast, scathing sound that is reminsicent of hard New York bands. It's not really that metallic, more like old school hardcore with lots of non-palm-muted riffs, not these heavy mosh parts or beatdowns, although there are some. The singer sounds completely livid and the lyrics deal with character strength and those kind of things that these bands sing about. What's good is that it flows throughout as there are no strange breaks into some other style or slower songs, just full-on brutal hardcore to get the message across.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-01-2012

Keywords : hardcore thugcore east coast hardcore

This record rated by users : 3.941 ( out of 5 ) from 17 votes.