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Arma Angelus - Where Sleeplessness Is Rest From Nightmares

Eulogy, 2003, CD, Vinyl

I'm getting sick of these terms, these keywords; this type of hardcore, that type - it's turning into some internet geekfest. It's all just rock and roll.

So Arma Angelus play some heavy fucking metal shit that sounds pissed off on this their only full-length release. They have a good recording quality where each instrument sounds good and full. Their sound reminds me of other metalcore bands from the 90s like Nora and Damnation A.D. but they basically have a unique sound where they are mixing some different styles of heavy music but basically keeping it heavy and angry sounding without any frills or complicated experiments where someone might not know what was going on. Maybe like the band Twelve Tribes where the recording sound was lot better than most and the style more progressive. Anyway, it sounds modern enough not to just be some dull thuggery and great credit must go to producing a fresh sounding recording before the deluge of shit in the last decade which could put someone off anything that had come before it because of the unhealthy conotations.

There is also a Cheap Trick cover as a hidden track which rules.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-01-2012

Keywords : metalcore 90s chaotic hardcore

This record rated by users : 2.542 ( out of 5 ) from 35 votes.