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Crowbar - Obedience Through Suffering

Grind Core, 1992, CD, Vinyl, Remastered CD

Real wretched, strained, agonised, suffering. That's how it sounds when they get going here on their first record released back in 1992. It's real good shit though when it comes together and hints at the greatness that was to come on records such as Odd Fellows Rest and Equilibrium. Never does it really get beyond a crawl as they pull the kind of thing that was quite rare back then, influenced by the likes of St Vitus and Black Sabbath... now there is a lot more of this type of thing and Crowbar really did a lot for this sound which has become quite popular recently, well as popular as doom metal is going to become; I mean who's gonna call their reocrd "Obedience Through Suffering" - it's only a portion of the populace, it's never going to be on Top Of The Pops. What a sound though, they never mess with it too much, just stick with the thick doomy sludge, wading through it for 4 to 5 minutes a time... like trudging home in winter, just trudging, having to get there, real muck and misery, wading through it, dead to everything but trudging on. Legendary.

Reviewed by indigo on 21-01-2012

Keywords : sludge metal doom metal southern rock new orleans sludge metal

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