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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Under The Running Board

Relapse, 1998, CD, Various Coloured 7" Vinyl

"Look, you can't play it with that thing, you need 24 frets. Infact, just forget about playing it altogether."

This was their first release on Relapse after their demo. Originally it was just 3 tracks but it's now available with some additional tracks.

Could anyone see this coming, this math-jazz inferno? Was there a precedent for this mind-blowing headfuck originating from the New Jersey hardcore scene that would bring in interest of fans from all kinds of genres? Maybe Naked City, Cryptopsy, bands like that, but nothing really approached this amalgam of heavy metal virtuosity and scientific precision, and with such unrelenting ferociousness. If Converge did a lot for this style of music, bringing it to a wider audience than what could have been anticipated after a cursory listen, then so did The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-01-2012

Keywords : math metal metalcore avant-garde experimental metal free jazz new jersey hardcore

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