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Converge / Hellchild - Deeper The Wound

Deathwish, 2001, CD, Vinyl, Blue Vinyl, Splatted Vinyl

Soon, we are going to have to start reviewing records released this year. We are stuck in the past, yes we know that.

Anyway this was when Converge started to sound like they had got this refined sound, around the Jane Doe time. A real heavy headfuck, completely unto its own, a real unique particular sounding mix of metal, hardcore and darkness. No one else was pulling anything like Jane Doe back then. That's what the first track "Thaw" recalls in me. The second track "Clean" is a Depeche Mode cover where they add some keyboard sounds and the vocals are sung. This is a real interesting listen for Converge fans because it departs from their usual sound and they don't demolish the track as you might expect with distorted guitars and heaviness. Instead it builds up into swirling, noisy ambience. After that we have 3 classic Converge tracks recorded live. We have Conduit that they meld straight into the opening riff of Shallow Breathing, as an outro almost, which then morphs into Locust Reign. Converge fans will like this although seeing them live is something else and can't really be captured here that easily.

Now for Hellchild... when this came out I remember reading about it and people saying how much Hellchild sucked, like one of the worst bands some people had ever heard. I can't remember where I read this, but it was in a few places. Anyway, I can see that, I can see how atrocious it is, but now when I listen to it, I think it's half-good, like this writhing, tortured sounding creature unfurling its sickened body. You can't go wrong with that. Japan produced a lot of good bands anyway - probably the most after the US for this fucked up punk-rock-heavy-metal-shit that we are dealing with here. Out of their 4 tracks they even include one live track for some reason in amongst it.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-01-2012

Keywords : metalcore

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