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Kiss It Goodbye - Choke

Revelation, 1999, CD, 7" Vinyl

Real churning, chaotic rumbling terror. No regard for melody or fashion. A lot of bands were trying to pull in these pre-millenium apocalyptic vibes - there was a lot of dark music then, but only a few really managed to do it that well and remain convincing.
Every track here sounds like the soundtrack to a nervous breakdown or some terrible personal downfall - It's not exactly easy-listening. In reality this stuff is harder to get into than grindcore or death metal, or other underground type sounds because it is so dense and leftfield. There are no real song structures, it's more like some schizophrenic rambling along down the road until he collapses. The vocals never stay on course to match the song structure - by about half way through each song it's all descended into some kind of delirious personal recollection of the abyss in half-spoken, half-screamed rambling. The guitars are noisy with no real memorable riffs, the bass is very heavy and rumbling, driving the whole thing further into some dark place.

This is a real choice listen for fans of Will Haven and Rorschach

Reviewed by indigo on 14-01-2012

Keywords : noisecore 90s chaotic hardcore

This record rated by users : 1.987 ( out of 5 ) from 122 votes.