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Verse - Aggression

Bridge Nine, 2008, CD, Vinyl, Green Vinyl

So many of these bands sounding the same, but here they took it a bit further than the standard Comeback-kid or American Nightmare style hardcore and added some other elements.

Initially I thought this was going to be some watered down, jangling emo crossover type record but it's more like they have some post-hardcore sounding guitar parts along with the hard and burly riffs which are still in there.
The songs are also not in this standard style of hardcore and follow post-hardcore type structures along with the vocals which remind me of At The Drive In. They tried to create something beyond the usual shit here and it works if you compare this to many of these modern bands that all sound similar. It doesn't really do anything for me though, any of it... If I listen to that guy from Modern Life Is War, which in some ways is similar to this, he really has it - I mean he totally has it and I feel it with him. Of course they are still shouting about some shit here but it doesn't hit me the same; I don't know what they can do about that, it's not a left-brain thing where you can listen to some more bands or get better at it, it just comes from within, it depends on what has happened to you in life, not what records you like. I know some people would think "what?", "I can hear the passion here and the emotion", and yeah I can too, but when I heard that Modern Life Is War record I just thought that it killed everything and from then a new level was set for these kinds of bands. Look, it's still better than 9 out of 10 Comeback-kid / post American Nightmare style bands, I just expected something more.

Reviewed by indigo on 14-01-2012

Keywords : hardcore post-hardcore

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