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Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses

Ferret, 2006, CD, Orange Vinyl

I was going to write a long piece about how there are a lot of these shitty bands with this dark imagery and this modern hardcore sound. Basically I looked at the sleeve of this, and also from the name, I thought it was this post-American Nightmare shit that I'm really not that keen on. It is like that to some extent, but it mainly sounds good to listen to. They write these slower, mostly mid-paced songs with anthemic slogans and sing alongs. It has a groove to it and some of it is memorable. And it's mainly about insomnia, not some bullshit. If I was about 18 I would like this maybe.

Reviewed by indigo on 14-01-2012

Keywords : hardcore 88 hardcore

This record rated by users : 2.380 ( out of 5 ) from 21 votes.