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Alexisonfire - s/t

Equal Vision, 2002, CD, Vinyl

So around the early part of the last decade there were a few bands like Alexisonfire, Poison The Well, Thursday, Hopesfall and even Taking Back Sunday that were expressing some new kind of feeling or energy. Whereas before you had a million punk-revival bands from the 90s plaguing everyone with this silly, kind of ironic rock and roll, plus a lot of darker, metallic sounds coming through, there was now a youthfu, more softer movement towards mixing up some of the sublime, lighter sounds from ostensibly underground bands like Christie Front Drive, Sunny Day Real Estate and Cap N Jazz, and mixing that with the harder ascethic of punk-revival or metalcore.

Quite often these bands would create some alluring, melancholic type guitar melodies over the top of some heavier rhythm riffs and have screamed and sung vocals. There was a new feeling there, or a vibe, a beauty to some of it. The feeling of being young and striving and struggling and being heartbroken and finding your way through the whole thing while not giving a fuck. Ultimately it was copied and over-saturated until everyone was sick of it, which almost casts shadows over this record a decade after it was released, if it wasn't for the quality of the songs and the beauty of some of the music. The screamed vocals now sound unnecessary, although at the time it sounded cool of course. They just captured that youthful melancholy, as well as any of those bands back then, while retaining a sense of triumph and redemption.

It's all over for me now, but I just remembered being back in 2005 coming out of some dark time listening to Accidents, the first track of their next record. I could just be with myself, with the loneliness, sat in the parks... ok with it.... not needing anything.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-01-2012

Keywords : screamo emo punk hardcore

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