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Death Before Dishonour - Friends, Family, Forever

Bridge Nine, 2005, CD, Vinyl

This is real tough sounding east-coast style hardcore for fans of Madball, Death Threat and Blood For Blood. The sound on this record is really good and thick and probably one of the best recorded albums in this style that I have come across recently. What is also apparent is that they can really play and have the technicality of a band like Pennywise in the way that they are able to play at speed and with variation in the riffs. This is much harder and more brutal sounding hardcore than a lot of the modern bands that are doing the rounds - it's a real heavy sound without being that metallic or relying on metal influences, and of course they have good beatdowns.

Note, this version has 7 tracks but there is another version that has 3 extra tracks plus some live tracks from a show at CBGBs.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-01-2012

Keywords : boston hardcore thugcore

This record rated by users : 3.15 ( out of 5 ) from 20 votes.