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Blacklisted - The Beat Goes On

Deathwish, 2005, CD

Kind of reminds me of American Nightmare. It has that feeling of loud, fast, not giving a fuck about melody.
By the time the third track "Bruising Serenade" gets going, the listener is already reeling from the heaviness, brutal simplicity and thuggery of the sound that this band has managed to create. There is no subtlety here, it's just fast a-melodic verses of suffering and strife and crushing, smashing breakdowns. Each song is over before anyone has time to wonder what it was that clobbered them. Recently a girl I know told me about her sister who is 13 or so and doesn't seem to fit in at school... you know, not in with the girly girls, not the goths, not the geeks... so really onto a bum deal. I thought about it for a minute then decided that she should get into hardcore and I gave her this record. That was the end of the matter.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-11-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore

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