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Isis - The Red Sea

Second Nature, 1999, CD, A million pressings of vinyl

Traumatised female voice: You were away
Feeble male voice : When honey, when was I away?
Female : I'm not sure.... You were though... (becomes stronger and more certain) Away in the Sea of Red.

Then the thundering terror of doom begins. Guitars like some storm crashing on the rocks... vocals like a dead body back from the dead screaming about the horrors in hell... pummelling, churning, unrelenting, sickening nightmare. Minute after minute of it. Then some lead riff comes in that sounds like some evil spirits pulling and jerking at flesh. That goes on for a bit... then some instrumental break where the storm is held at bay for a while and the sample of the woman comes back in talking about "The Sea of Red" while the feeble man mumbles some other incoherent ineptitude.... then back to the crashing and smashing waves of doom. So goes the title track on this, their second EP of these sludge/doom/noisecore pioneers.

Unlike other metlacore bands around the time which many fans were drawn from, Isis were concerned with epic soundscapes rather than songs. Vocals were layered on top rather than the focal point; tone and texture were paramount to the sound, traditional song structures were abandoned in favour of long passages of sound. What they managed to share with bands from the metalcore and hardcore scene was the pre-millenium holy terror apocalyptic feel that the music had. Their sound was not that developed at this point but they created a mysterious and prophetic vibe that made it more than just run of the mill Neurosis/Godflesh/Melvins influenced noisecore.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-01-2012

Keywords : Noisecore doom metal sludge metal 90s chaotic hardcore avant-garde holy terror

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