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Leatherface - Mush

Roughneck, 1991, CD, Vinyl

This is a real diamond from this band from Sunderland in England, released in 1991. It's not such a well-known band but with this they hit the heights, creating a melodic punk rock masterpiece.

It takes some getting used to depening on where you are coming from, mainly because the vocals are unique and not always in tune ( isn't that the idea anyway? ), but this is a real great listen with emotional, heartfelt songs. They just seem to create such great, simple melodies and some kind of life-affirming innocent vibe of growing up and just screwing around. It has a real spiritual feel to some of it.

They don't complicate anything but it is not just straight-forward punk to listen to, it's quite technical with some of the interplay between the guitars and some of the melodies.

It's just a classic, I can't say anything more on it.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-01-2012

Keywords : punk rock alternative rock

This record rated by users : 4.2 ( out of 5 ) from 15 votes.