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Burnt By The Sun / Luddite Clone - split EP

Ferret, 2000, CD

This is the first thing that Burnt By The Sun put out I think. It reminds me of the split that Dillinger Escape Plan did with Nora. You had these bands that were coming out that were really heavy and extreme metal, some of it very technical, almost like jazz music with odd tempos and riffs, and with a good, rich, meaty production.

Both bands play very heavy and full-on metal mixed with some grind and hardcore. Burnt By The Sun always have great lyrics throughout their releases and always the vocalist sounds furious. It's just full-on rampaging, chaotic protest music.

The Luddite Clone never released that much in their time but they had a great sound... real technical and clean extreme metal mixed with grindcore - as good as it gets really for that style at the time.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-01-2012

Keywords : metalcore grindcore 90s chaotic hardcore

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