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Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction

Earache, 1988, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Remasted CD, Blue Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl

This is a real good listen for any grind/death metal fans who want to see where the most extreme sounding metal was around the mid-late 80s. You have to be prepared for the sound though which is quite rough and sketchy, but that is to be expected given the era when it was made. Sometimes it is great to listen to a record that sounds rough and brutal like this and not with the new modern production which cleans everything up.

The title of the record should give a good idea as to the nature of the material on offer here, with song titles like "Regurgitation Of Giblets" and "Excreted Alive". Carcass were one of the first bands to have songs and lyrics about all this sick and decripid medical, death and gore. Really it's pretty funny, or maybe some people take it seriously.

The sound itself is this rough and brutal grind/death that reminds me of early Napalm Death. They laid down the template with downtuned guitars that play these insanely fast, often chaotic riffs while the vocals, which are quite high in the mix, come in at all angles as screams, growls, screeches, grunts, etc. The bass and drums thunder along at a crazed pace and the occasional solo is thrown in that sounds like some diabolical instrument of death and torture going out of control and attacking its creator..

Reviewed by indigo on 11-01-2012

Keywords : grindcore death metal

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