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Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens

Epitaph, 2007, CD, Vinyl

If this had come out a decade or maybe 2 decades ago it would have been some fucked-up avant garde shit, but now it's almost acceptable in polite society. I like it more than their first record though... it sounds more interesting rather than some ramshackle, hell-for-leather, make it up as we go along job. That might be a cool idea to make a band like that, but then to release it and charge over ten British Pounds for it... I don't know, I can afford it now, but If I was a young kid and had spent my pocket money on that thinking it was going to change my life, then I would be upset.

So here they sound more like some noise-rock or post-hardcore outfit at times. It has heavier moshing parts in with the fast, noisy punk-rock shit and also some Jesus Lizard type shambling perversion.

It's a decent listen, some interesting mix of styles, nothing catchy of course... I'm just not that into this kind of thing at the moment.

Reviewed by indigo on 09-01-2012

Keywords : punk rock noise rock hardcore sleaze rock 90s chaotic hardcore san diego hardcore

This record rated by users : 3.16 ( out of 5 ) from 25 votes.