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Naked City - Torture Garden

Shimmy Disc, 1989, CD, Vinyl

Before a lot of these grind bands came about playing this twisted, slapstick, technical grind, and before Mr Bungle, there was New York Jazz Musician John Zorn's project Naked City.

Perhaps no other band or collective has managed to create such a diverse mix of styles and weld them together in such a fashion. Maybe Mr Bungle got close, I don't know. What we have here is Jazz music mixed with noise and grindcore with this late 80s airy metal style sound.

They have a lot of other releases, there is even some box-set out now, but this is a good introduction to this project.

Most tracks are over in less than a minute, wildly change direction several times with blasts of grindcore abruptly turning into free jazz grooves and then into some standard cock rock, in what is extremely technical and well-accomplished expermentation. John Zorn's sax creates havoc over the top of it all with deranged, splaying solos as the "singer", Yamatsuka Eye, provides the vocals, which basically sound like someone vomiting, running, screaming and being tortured at the same time.

This is a real fun listen.

Reviewed by indigo on 09-01-2012

Keywords : avant-garde grindcore free jazz noise noisecore 80s metal math metal experimental rock

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