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Congress - Angry At The Sun

Good Life, 1998, CD, Vinyl

How all those bands came out of that small part of Belgium I have no idea. Everyone was at it there producing this brutal deathcore. Congress are one of the best bands from that scene and this is maybe their best record in my opinion. It's like a unique brand of thrash, death and hardcore. There are some great galloping metallic songs with some different vocal styles mixed together. It's quite technical and accomplished - probably a good introduction to this kind of hardcore. Really though none of it is that interesting to me apart from December's Blackest Tears the 7th track and the intro to it... Blows everything else away because of the classical interlude and the piano intro leading up to it. It reminds me of some far off place that I am always dreaming of where you could eat rocks for breakfast and not even care.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-11-2011

Keywords : h8000 metalcore hardcore deathcore 80s metal good life

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