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Fear Before - s/t

Equal Vision, 2008, CD

When I saw this band live I thought that the singer - had either been smoking crack, is not a full shilling, is not giving a fuck, or had seen visions of god, or a combination of all four of these. Overall I liked it because it was different to some other bands that night. We had just seen some kind of heavy, power metal, chest beating monstrousity which was funny as hell, and so this was all twisted, delirious, art rock perversion compared to that bullshit.

This is their 4th record and it sounds somewhat like their others but more twisted and experimental and disturbed. There aren't any big reference points, just some alternative rock madness combined with whatever they feel like to create this twisted, rambling, noisy, jarring headfuck. It sounds like they are influenced by so many things and it ends up sounding quite unique. I just remembered this weird English prog band called Camel that it reminds me of. Also, that sick Mr Bungle record with the picture of the guy who cut off his own head and then sat there in his best suit.

Sometimes I get sick of these terms though, and it helps to try and listen to this fresh without all the mind activity. It comes into its own then and has genuine style and magic to it that allows it to be respected on its own without being part of any genre or scene.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-12-2011

Keywords : post-hardcore alternative rock avant-garde prog rock

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