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Grade - And Such Is Progress

Second Nature, 1996, CD, Vinyl

Some of these bands from the 90s were hard work to listen to. I mean these metallic hardcore / emo bands. A lot of messy dischordant rhythms and no particular structures, a load of half-baked ideas drifting along. This record has that feel to it, although to a lesser extent than some of the bands from that time, it was still only later that this Canadian band would do the emo/screaming melodic metallic thing as well as any other band at the time.

Back then it was a deluge of nu-metal, pop/ska-punk, alternative rock, industrial and apocalyptic metal. So this kind of sound was fresh if you had come from any of those scenes. It was quite mysterious and nothing like the refined, overproduced technicality of today.

Their second record, Under The Radar is perhaps a better introduction to the band as this is still quite under-developed and rough compared to that record. With this you can see how where they came from with their screaming emo/metal mix, and there are some good moments, plus a cover of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust in a screaming style which is worth checking out.

Reviewed by indigo on 23-12-2011

Keywords : screamo

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