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Guttermouth - Friendly People

Nitro, 1994, CD, Vinyl

Really this is not so much pop-punk but dirty rock and roll. Just a slimy, greasy, sneering trashy sound to it throughout but with decent production and so it doesn't just sound like a garage band. An enjoyable record with some catchy songs in their sarcastic style. It was the year that a lot of good records got released in this genre such as Smash by The Offspring, Punk In Drublic by NoFX, Let's Go by Rancid and Stranger Than Fiction by Bad Religion. This was never going to rival those bands in terms of either popularity, style of proficiency but it was up there with the second tier of bands that were getting popular around that time.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-12-2011

Keywords : pop punk scuzz rock

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