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Life Of Agony - Ugly

Roadrunner, 1995, CD, Cassette, Vinyl, CD Tin

When I was a younger I would listen to bands on Roadrunner like Fear Factory and Machine Head because there was nothing else then that I could get hold of. It was decent enough value for good sounding bands. Heavy bands. Sometimes they would release a special edition version of a release for a similar price, like in a fold-out card set, or "digipack". Well for this release it was in a metal tin that had the artwork on it.

This is still a good record when I listen to it now. Some of the bands then didn't age so well or at least when I listen to them now, they just sound ridiculous. So here they had some songs at least and not just some fancy sound or silly style. The songs were about real things in real life and so I could relate to that and it meant a lot to me as a younger person to hear some guy singing about this shit and not just about rotting corpses or torture. Songs like "Lost At 22" were real classics for this band and showed how they have melody and heaviness and good style aswell. Mainly it was about Caputo's vocal ability which was quite far beyond most metal or hardcore bands of the time who were just shouting or bellowing lots of testosterone infused shit. They also had this good groove to their stuff which drew from hardcore, metal, blues, pop music even. All their records have something, even now.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-12-2011

Keywords : 90s metal new york hardcore

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