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Burnt By The Sun - The Perect Is The Enemy Of The Good

Relapse, 2003, CD, Green Vinyl

Once I had been awake for some ungodly amount of time and not eaten and not spoke to anyone and I was listening to this record. It sent me over the edge and back. It has this churning existential nausea woven into it as it slugs along with all manner of disturbed rhythms and variations on the devil's chord. They interchange grind passaages with hardcore beatdowns with eery melodic interludes and back again. They use all these strange chords and dischordant patterns to make a real 2012 headfuck. Track 5, 180 Proof, for example uses these strange jarring lead riffs with some fast and brutal metallic passages, and then half way through breaks down into some forboding melodic soundscape that rumbles on for a few minutes and then ends with some sick beatdown for a few seconds. The lyrics are not typically about chopping up dead bodies or defecating on corpses but about the occult. It's one of the best releases on Relapse from the early part of the last decade.

Reviewed by indigo on 22-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore death metal grind avant-garde mathcore

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