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Bars - Introducing

Equal Vision, 2004, CD, Vinyl

This is the guy from The Hope Conspiracy in some rock and roll sounding hardcore band. So any fans of that band will recognise his great pissed off vocal style which has a lot going for it. Quite simply it's one of the best sounding vocal styles in this whole dirty scene.

The music is not entirely unlike The Hope Con of more recent years either. Like the stuff from Endnote and after, just less heavy, less metallic; more simpler rock and roll sounding - like those scuzzy, sleazy bands from the 90s on Junk records like The Hookers and Zeke combined with nasty heavier shit like Blood For Blood and Poison Idea. This is a good thing because quite frankly I am sick of the way it all went with these emo-screamo metalcore bands. It was moving so far away from the divine hardcore blueprint that it was getting unacceptable, and so all this trashy rock and roll scuzz filth has come in to balance things a bit away from this technical, over-produced chart rock. Why? Because none of those hard drinkin' whore fucking bands from the 90s gave a shit... it was destruction to the max, and to some extent this is much more aligned with the hardcore and punk ascetic than these modern motherfuckers playing this emo rock bullshit.

Basically, there is nothing new here or totally "wow!", but it is good hard living punk rock without being cock rock and without being pretentious bullshit.

Reviewed by indigo on 21-12-2011

Keywords : punk rock rock and roll scuzz rock boston hardcore kevin baker

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