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Lividity - Used, Abused, And Left For Dead

Epitomite, 2006, CD

This is four years since their last record and it shows immediately as the production is much richer and clearer and the riffs are way sicker. The technicality on the Til Only The Sick Remain record is not the greatest with some primitive death metal type sound. This is fucking sick though with some real fast riffs and it sounds like they have a drum machine for the drums as they are that fast. The vocals are the same grunting diseased wild boar sound with some screeching high vocals aswell.

The "song" themes are the usual. I love one of them called "Hero Of Dementia" - I like the idea as people with Dementia had a hard time recently and it gets in there amongst all the usual sexually deviant song titles.

This is a good release.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2011

Keywords : grind death metal gore

This record rated by users : 3.85 ( out of 5 ) from 20 votes.