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Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb

Relapse, 2007, CD, Red Vinyl, Blue Vinyl

Once when I threw myself out of the ska-punk scene I wanted a lot of good metal records to listen to. Not bullshit circus metal like some of the nu-metal that was doing the rounds at the time, but some proper heavy as hell shit. I ended up with a list of names in my pocket of bands that I thought would do the trick. When I had chance I would go on the computers at college and try and look for this cool shit. Once I came across Pig Destroyer and everything fell into place and I never bought anymore ska records.

Basically this is very heavy shit - as heavy as it can get before it turns into noise and then has no discernable songs or instrumentation or proper structures. It's so heavy and completely unhinged sounding that it makes these silly fashioncore bands that all these dumb kids listen to sound like a Disney movie soundtrack.

They just don't give a fuck. It's completely uncompromising throughout. The production is good and so it doesn't sound DIY or lo-fi and therefore less heavy than it should. The guitars rage, the drums are insane, completely pounding and withering at every moment, and the vocalist sounds like someone murdered everyone he ever knew as he screams about suicide, murder and the occult just for starters.

It never lets up much - it doesn't need to.

I'm really happy that Relapse are still releasing stuff like this and didn't start churning out some indie-rock toss.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2011

Keywords : grind metal death metal 90s chaotic hardcore

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