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Snuff - Demmamussabebonk

Fat Wreck, 1996, CD, Vinyl

This is one of the best melodic punk rock records of the 90s. The songs are so good - flowing well into each other with these soaring melodies, lyrics about when your team loses at football and other regular things. It has this snotty punk rock feel but also they know how to write melodies and harmonies and so you get an accessible record that has its own unique style and humour and sounds nothing like any of the US bands at the time. They got signed to Fat Wreck which was inconceivable for most UK bands in the 90s and were very big in Japan, much bigger than in the UK where not so many folks knew them. Any Japanese kid I ever met who liked any rock of any sort seemed to know about Snuff and would get really buzzed at the prospect of seeing them when they came here. They probably didn't get the recognition they deserved here for several reasons, but its a shame.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2011

Keywords : pop punk fat wreck

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