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Codeseven - Dancing Echoes / Dead Sounds

Equal Vision, 2004, CD, Vinyl

This sounds like some British band like Coldplay. It's hard for me to digest for that reason because I am still recovering from the Brit pop era.

Some of it is actually quite good musically and well put together, it's just not my kind of thing. Some other bands like Hopesfall and Thursday tried to morph into this kind of post-emo, post-hardcore dreamy rocking thing. It has symphonic strings in the background and piano and so you can imagine what this is all about. The vocals are very sweet and soft and if you have been listening to Lividity and Mortician for a while it can be a shock to hear records like this where the guy can actually sing a few notes. I think if I listened to it a lot more and my life was a lot posher, I might actually like this and it might remind me of looking at the stars when I was younger.

Really what we need here is a specific person who can review this kind of music, who has a tolerance for this kind of thing because there is nothing I can really say about this.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2011

Keywords : alternative rock indie rock emo

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