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Misery Loves Co. - s/t

Earache, 1995, CD, Vinyl, Cassette

This is a heavy, dark, underrated record from the time before nu-metal hit.

It blends heavy 90s style thrash metal with industrial noise and adds some dark melodies to create an apocalyptic feel.

Opener My Mind Still Speaks, which had a video released for it at the time, crushes with heavy thrashing riffs and pulverising rhythms, setting the tone for the pre-millenium churning of the rest of the record. At no point does the dark forboding let up as the band live up to their name and relate tales of drug abuse and trauma through a barrage of heavy guitars and background samples as vocalist Patrick Wiren screams for all he is worth. They add some good texture to the proceedings with some tracks dropping off into dark melodic passages and sung or distorted vocals; or droning, subtle, industrial pieces that convey a landscape of suffering.

To say this is nearly 20 years old now is staggering. In no way does it feel completely ancient. If you listen to some of the bands from that time it can be like looking at photos of teenage haircuts but this is not like that. Honestly I think this is a classic.

Reviewed by indigo on 20-12-2011

Keywords : alternative metal industrial noise doom

This record rated by users : 2.5 ( out of 5 ) from 5 votes.