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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Devil's Night Out

Taang!, 1990, CD

It could really go to shit here if we start reviewing ska-punk revival records. But for this band I have to make an exception because they are so fucking good.

I recently read some interview with Lemmy from Motorhead who said that it takes a lot of time and money to have a voice like his. Well, I don't know what Dickie Barrett did but he had that shit right from the start.

We once went on some expedition across the country with a load of Japanese students to watch them. The bus went all round these villages and towns and by the time we got to Manchester where the gig was we were withered and sick. But it didn't matter because the Bosstones ruled. The whole job had to be stopped a few times because people were on the stage going nuts trying to hug Dicky Barrett.

This was in the late 90s when there was a lot of apocalyptic nu-metal dirge and dull brit pop filth. The point of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the time for me was to feel the buzz of being young. They were basically a good time rock and roll band but without all the rockstar bullshit.

This is their first record and it has such a good buzz and magical quality to it all. You can feel a real great vibe if you listen to this before you go out and start on the licker. Right from the first track you know they are onto some cool shit just with Barrett's voice. All the tracks rule, they are all classics in the genre, between 2 and 3 minutes, apart from the last one. I don't know which is my favourite... maybe Hope I Never Lose My Wallet or Haji.

I spent a lot of years at odds with folks I know when it comes to music because they were listening to such dull shit and they thought that I was just sitting there all day listening to Prostitute Disfigurement or Cannibal Corpse or some other dark horror. But with this record I know people where we share the love of this band and this record without anything else mattering that much.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-12-2011

Keywords : ska punk rock rock and roll 80s metal

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