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Slint - Untitled

Touch And Go, 1994, CD, Cassette, Vinyl

This looks like a very disturbing thing. You get the record, and there is no title, it has no inlay and no writing on the cd and nothing on the back apart from the record label logo. There is just the picture on the front of a guy in a pool of blood with a gun by his side, with a young kid and a beast looking on. Sometimes the scariest shit is not the shit like death metal or the new Lividity record, but the shit that you don't even have a cognitive construct for.

There are only 2 tracks lasting in total 13 minutes.

By the time the second track is underway, nothing has really happened. It takes about 30 seconds for anything to happen on this track and then in comes some unpleasant guitar sound and vague thing that might be described as a riff. A really grating, sickening sound that is never going to go anywhere or do anything. Anyone who is ill, just got iller, the sane just lost sanity, and the insane were teleported out of their bodies to another location in time and space and so strange insectisoid creatures could manipulate their bodies.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-12-2011

Keywords : math rock noise rock experimental rock alternative rock

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