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Angel Hair - Pregnant With The Senior Class

Gravity, 1997, CD, Vinyl

This is their first and only LP plus all 4 of their 7" releases that were on various labels.

I thought that I am going to slag this because I had a hard day and its some pretentious indie-rock toss. It is, but it it is pretty good. Probably as good as it got for those kind of bands like Clikatat Ikatowi and Antioch Arrow.

It's completely unhinged and delirious, not even the product of any cartesian thought system - rambling along, not giving a fuck about proper chords or notes in the right places... loud, dischordant, shambolic, off the wall.... singer spewing out a stream of consciousness. They even cover Bauhaus.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-12-2011

Keywords : post-hardcore san diego hardcore screamo noise rock experimental rock avant-garde

This record rated by users : 2.937 ( out of 5 ) from 16 votes.