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Sick Of It All - Spreading The Hardcore Reality - The Revelation Tapes

Lost And Found, 1995, CD

This is basically their first untitled EP/7" on Revelation from 1987 re-released on Lost And Found with another 2 tracks taken from the New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is and New York City Hardcore: Together compilations.

It sounds pretty raw but actually a lot better and tighter than some first-releases by similar bands. They play hard and fast. It's Sick Of It All.

It's only 11 minutes long and there is a lot of overlap with their full-length Blood, Sweat And No Tears and so probably it's only for die-hards or for students of the history of hardcore and New York Hardcore specifically.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore old school hardcore new york hardcore thugcore revelation lost and found

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