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Various Artists - Louder Than Bombs Volume 2

Alliance Trax, 2006, CD

I don't want to review any samplers on this site. They're not proper records. I don't know if this is a sampler but it looks like one, so its probably going to be the last thing like this that I write about.

It seems this label release shit for bands on Equal Vision, Deathwish, Bridge Nine etc in Japan.

So what we have here is some great hardcore from 2006. I'm not talking about this dirty, to-hell-with-the-songs stuff that American Nightmare and Hope Con influenced but more like this melodic hardcore that has intelligence and substance to it. There are a lot of tracks by such bands as Verse, Ruiner, Killing The Dream, Rise And Fall etc. There are also some bands from places like Japan ( Versus The Night ) playing melodic metal and The Idoru from Hungary with some pop-punk that doesn't suck. Really there isn't much else, there is no emo, no deathcore, no grind, no other extremities, mainly just good solid modern hardcore tracks that will help a kid check out the bands.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore old school hardcore pop punk

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