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Sick Of It All - Blood, Sweat And No Tears

In-Effect, 1989, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Red Vinyl, Picture Disc Vinyl

When I listen to a lot of these hardcore and punk bands from the 80s they often sound like young kids with all the spirit and energy of youth. When I listen to Sick Of It All from this era it doesn't sound like some kids, but men. Hard men. The drums are hit much harder; the riffs are heavier and more metallic without any real hooks or melodies that punk bands often incorporated, the bass is dirtier and not piddly sounding, and the vocals from Pete Koller sound angrier and less youth-like than the rest of the bands from this time. Also there are the gang vocals which sound like an army of mad factory workers, rather than some pissed-off suburban kids from middle-class backgrounds.

This, their first record is a real classic in hardcore, just as bands were becoming more metallic and moving further away from punk rock. It doesn't really bring anything new to the table but like I said earlier it is just harder than most other bands from that time and has some good sing-along anthems. Only a tough urban environment could produce such a sound.

Really though what's amazing about a band like this is that in 25 years, while the production and mixes have improved, they have barely changed their sound much, only developing in some small ways or adding a few more elements, but essentially keeping the same urban metallic hardcore sound that could probably take down the George Washington bridge if they played it at the right volume and at the right location.

Reviewed by indigo on 16-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore nyhc old school hardcore

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