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Living Hell - The Lost And The Damned

Revelation, 2007, CD, Vinyl, Red vinyl limited to 326

By 2007 I had lost interest in hardcore practically. I was sick of all the shit.

A band like this helps keep a man interested in it all. The name of the record "The Lost And The Damned" makes me want to listen to it so it goes on and it brutalises me with this pounding headfucking hardcore. Like a smash between Integrity and Hatebreed, it totally destroys the lame mess I have had to sift through recently. The sound is heavy enough on its own, they don't even need songs or beatdowns or any clever shit. Thankfully they have some good beatdowns as well.

Furthermore Dwid Hellion features on here adding some noise tracks to the mix.

Just to clear any doubts up, none of it has anything to do with "emo", "screamo" or any other derivatives of such things. That alone in this day and age can salvage anything, be it audio, visual, cultural, social expression. Really now I have reached such a point whereby I equate "emo" and "screamo"  with the fucking anti-christ. A decade ago, yes, I could cope, I even liked some of it... now, no, I can't, so I have to point this out.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore hardcore thugcore noise dwid hellion

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