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Green River - Rehab Doll

Sub Pop, 1988, CD, Vinyl, Green Vinyl, Vinyl with beer can label

They improved their sound in the 2 years between this and their last record. The instruments have more space now and everything is clearer. It's not quite like a lot of the mainsteam rock records that were released at the time, it doesn't have that level of polish to it but it's getting there.

Mark Arm, the vocalist, sounds as sweet and deranged as ever and Mudhoney fans will like this as he wails through each track about various nefarious subjects. You might think it was a bunch of hard men singing songs about whores and licker but looking at the photo on the back you can see the long hair and the woolly jumpers that would come to proliferate as the grunge sound spread to most suburban miscreants.

The guitars are bluesy and full of rock and roll licks and while nothing like the technicality or showmanship of the cock rock bands of that era, they add something to the sound that was not there on previous releases.

Really there is nothing outlandish or truly revolutionary sounding here as one might expect to hear from one of the zeitgeist bands of the grunge era that was to influence a generation of bands, but that was to be the role of the larger Seattle acts like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundagarden. Green River merely were one of the first to thrown a spanner into the works of the ridiculous frivolity of the hair metal movement of the eighties, attempting to bring the audience back to the level of the scuzzy mosh pit where distinctions between band and audience get blurred.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-12-2011

Keywords : grunge sleaze rock rock and roll alternative rock

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