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Green River - Dry As A Bone

Sub Pop, 1986, CD, Vinyl, Green Vinyl

This sounds like some scuzzy 70s rock, like Iggy Pop or something. What we have here though is one of the grandfathers of the grunge scene with members going on to be in bands like Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney and Pearl Jam. Yes - Pearl Jam!

It sounds a bit sloppy, sleazy and like they enjoy drinking and playing, sometimes at the same time. It's 25 years old though, this 5 track EP, and it's still pretty good; has a decent groove to it, and you can almost see what was going to happen with these folks and how they would go on and be in some decent bands that would sell millions.

You can pick it up on the same record as one of their other releases, Rehab Doll which is probably easier to find than the original which was released on some sick green vinyl as well as the regular formats.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-12-2011

Keywords : grunge alternative rock sleaze rock rock and roll

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