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Various Artists - Louder Than Bombs Volume 1

Alliance Trax, 2005, CD

This is a collection of modern hardcore, punk and metalcore bands released by Alliance Trax in Japan.

It's interesting to hear how the sound of this kind of music has progressed in 5 years if we compare back to one of the comps that Black Rat put out in 2000 or 1998. Basically everything got more technical and more well-produced and hardly much of it is political, vegan or straight-edge anymore. There are other things that have changed aswell but these seem like the main things.

So we have a lot of good quality material here by bands that play well and have got a good mix going. Particularly for fans of melodic metalcore there is a lot here, like Japan's The Stiff, Newborn of Hungary and Fordirelifesake of the US. Not everyone will know these bands and there are others like FC Five from Japan that are worth checking out and will definately get more fans as a result of these tracks.

In the past it would be hard to imagine that anyone in Hungary was knocking out a band like Newborn which totally kills most US metalcore when they were on the go around the turn of the millenium. Sadly they split up now but formed The Idoru who also contribute 2 tracks here.

There are also some other more standard hardcore bands like Sentence, The True Path and Exitinguish The Fire here. Also you have Modern Life Is War with 2 tracks and the Bane side-project Silent Drive and so you are onto a winner if you can get hold of this.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore pop punk screamo old school hardcore japcore

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