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Tad - Inhaler

Giant, 1993, CD, Vinyl

Tad were one of the last grunge bands on sub pop to get a major label deal and this is their only release on Giant ( funded by Warner Bros ).

One of the promo posters for this record showed Bill Clinton smoking a joint with the slogan "This is heavy shit".
Really they were a heavier grunge band than a lot of the others, with 70s heavy metal as a big influence rather than punk or garage rock, but its still basically alternative rock.

They have a good crisp sound here with the heavy guitar riffs and rumbling bass. The songs are more focused and concise and along with the heavy, sludgey riffs there are also hooks and melodies which set them apart from truly underground bands. It's a good listen overall, never falling into turgid messiness or rambling delirium. They keep it tight and simple, most rock fans can get into this but they don't have the style or hooks of some of their peers which would set them apart.

The song titles give out some vibe of rural lumberjacks or rednecks with names such as "Throad Locust", "Grease Box", "Leafy Incline", and "Just Bought The Farm".

If you were to get into grunge, beyond the regular bands that everyone has heard of, you might want to check out Mudhoney or Tad, but it won't blow you away as it remains more a curiosity than anything else.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-12-2011

Keywords : grunge alternative rock

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