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The Jesus Lizard - Shot

Capitol, 1996, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Red Vinyl

When I went to see The Jesus Lizard the proceedings began with singer David Yow running to the back of the room to the backdrop of the first song and grabbing some random woman from the crowd and trying to kiss her. That was how the set started.

"Shot" was their first record on a major. Some people think its not as good as earlier records on Touch And Go like Goat but I don't agree. The sound is much better than those records and not as scuzzy, capturing a nice guitar tone and clear bass and a good mix overall. The songs are more concise and flow better as well.

Everything about this record suggests that the singer has had at least 1 full blown dysphoric psychotic episode. That is the first thing that becomes obvious. Everything sounds sick, disturbed and basically deranged like the soundtrack to some wrong thing. The guitar riffs are angular, off-kilter, dischordant, nothing to do with any cock rock extravagance. The bass rumbles on like some dirty motor totally synced with the drums that play some tight rhythms. Singer Yow howls and cries, rambling on about subjects that no one has any clue about, including himself. The song titles should give anyone a quick insight into what is on offer here : "Skull Of A German", "Trephination", "Too Bad About About The Fire", "Pervertedly Slow" etc. The tracks ebb and flow into each other like teling tales of what sound like horrific, drawn out calamities. Alternative rock never really cut this twisted a sound during its height in the 90s but they manage to pull it off here to perfection without derailing the whole thing into inaccessible,obtuse lunacy.

Reviewed by indigo on 14-12-2011

Keywords : alternative rock noise rock sleaze rock

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