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Will Haven - El Diablo

Crisis, 1997, CD, Vinyl

When we were at college it wasn't the greatest of times at first. We just didn't fit into that private school click that was going on there. Some of those kids with their halfmast jeans and brown shoes were not from our world and we weren't from theres. They were never very nice to me from the start. So it got a bit unpleasant early on in the first term. By the second term we were staying awake all night and sleeping at strange times, waking up in the evening or god knows when. Kids like us didn't have lectures to go to or formal dinners. What ended up happening was that we would be awake all night talking shit and playing pool and then just before breakfast, in some hazey state, we would be in one of our rooms, reeling from lack of proper nutrition, lack of sex and lack of a plan to become a captain of industry or a QC. So what would happen was that Will Haven - El Diablo would come out. We didn't have anything sicker or heavier or more apocalyptic at the time and so that went on. Loud as hell. Nobody could stay awake through that, not in the entire block.
Churning, pulverising devastation in every track creating an atmosphere of prophetic doom.

Reviewed by indigo on 19-11-2011

Keywords : noisecore holy terror post-metal sludge metal

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