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Various Artists - Voices : A Portrait Of Sao Paolo Hardcore

Liberation, 1997, CD

This is an interesting compilation from the early days of Sao Paolo label Liberation which shows what was happening in the hardcore scene from that city at the time. Some of the bands went on to play in Europe and were some of the first from South America to do so. The label also worked with other bands from the US like Hatebreed and Walls Of Jericho.

It's kind of difficult to review this now in 2011 as I didn't follow this label much over the years and only know of one band, Newspeak, that did a split with Catharsis some time back. They play thrashing, fast hardcore with some metallic riffs. For the time, it's pretty good stuff.

Self Conviction play more of a groove-metal influenced hardcore with a rapping style of vocal delivery, maybe like Downset or Earth Crisis. They are a vegan straight-edge band and released a couple of titles on Catalyst records in the years following this.  It sounds pretty raw here but you can hear that the band knows how to play and make some good riffs and songs.

Sight For Sore Eyes is a more punk rock sounding kind of band with softer vocals and more melody. They still have raw anger and passion which comes through here. It's pretty decent stuff but the production is not the greatest.

Point Of No Return was a side-project of Self Conviction and had 3 singers! They play heavy brutal metalcore focusing on political and animal liberation issues. This band toured Europe a couple of times and released records on Liberationa and US based label Catalyst. Overall it sounds like Earth Crisis or Strongarm with real sick riffs and brutal beatdowns. The 3 singers works really well, it doesn't suck, because it could easily. This is the best band out of the 4 in my opinion as the production is good, the songs are good and the band is tight and play a real heavy style of metalcore.

It might be hard to find this comp now but it's worth checking out for anyone interesting in South American hardcore or for fans of 90s metalcore. You might be able to download it some place.

Reviewed by indigo on 14-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore brazilian hardcore sao paolo hardcore straight-edge vegan

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